Bahrain's strongest men were in action as part of Strength Week ©BOC

The strongest men in Bahrain were in action as the Kingdom's "Strength Week" continued here.

Both lightweight and medium weight competitors took part in a temporary arena that has been set up outside The Avenues, a luxury shopping centre in the country's capital Manama.

Shoppers packed into a scaffold stand which has been set up and offered a perfect view of the action.

Others tried to grab a view around the edges as the competition took place with the backdrop of the shard-like twin towers of the Bahrain World Trade Center.

All in attendance witnessed the strong men take on five different disciplines, the car yoke, log press, car leg press, max deadlift and power stairs.

The competition took place outside a luxury shopping centre ©BOC
The competition took place outside a luxury shopping centre ©BOC

Bahrain Olympic Committee President Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the fifth son of Bahrain's King Hamad, directed organisers to prepare Strength Week in December.

Other strength sports have also taken place, including weightlifting, powerlifting and arm wrestling.

"We are keen to integrate the role of sport with other development sectors in the Kingdom and have it play a fruitful role in enhancing the economic aspects, especially with its properties that support tourism," he said.

A Gulf Cooperation Council Strongest Man competition is due to take place tomorrow, featuring athletes from across the region.

Strength Week is being run under the theme "Be a Beast".

All of the top three in the strongest man competitions will receive cash rewards.