Rhine-Ruhr chief executive Stefan Kürten said that preparations are "well on track" for the 2025 FISU Games ©FISU

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 chief executive Stefan Kürten has claimed that its regional approach for the International University Sports Federation (FISU) World University Games is the "future for huge sports events".

Speaking to insidethegames from the FISU Executive Committee meeting in Brussels, where the Rhine-Ruhr 2025 Organising Committee presented a report on its progress, Kürten said he believes that the plans to use venues from across the region are advantageous from a sustainability and engagement perspective.

"There is first the dimension that we strongly believe that this is the future for huge sports events in order not to overload one city with certain charges, so we believe that a regional approach is one that is needed, because it is clearly leading to a sustainable solution and because we don’t have to go for new constructions and new infrastructure in the one city, but you can really expand it to the benefit of the people," he said.

"Secondly I think you can reach with such an approach even more people, get them involved, get them engaged, which is our approach.

"In principle I think from a sustainability point of view, from a society point of view, and from a future-proofing point of view, this is the best model you can have."

The 2027 FISU Games were awarded to Chungcheong Megacity In Brussels, another bid which featured a regional approach, and Kürten hopes that Rhine-Ruhr 2025 will set an example for future editions of the event.

Stefan Kürten said that Rhine-Ruhr 2025's regional model
Stefan Kürten said that Rhine-Ruhr 2025's regional model "is clearly leading to a sustainable solution" ©Rhine-Ruhr 2025

"I'm convinced of this, and I think it is not only for the FISU World University Games, it's also for other big multi-sports events in the future," Kürten added.

The Organising Committee chief executive insisted that work is progressing well on the organisation of Rhine-Ruhr 2025.

"We are well on track, and we have managed to put the team together in quite a short period of time because out starting date was probably a bit late, and in this respect, though in challenging times, we managed to get on board as foreseen 25 to 30 people, and this is a very good solid basis for us now to proceed," he said.

"Clearly there is more to come, so we plan next year to increase it to 200 people, which is quite a big step.

"Apart from that, I think the discussion with the venues are quite good, so it's on a very good basis as well, and we see full support also from the sports federations and from the National Olympic Committee, and I think that is also very positive."

Rhine-Ruhr 2025 is set to mark the first time Germany has held the World University Games since Duisburg 1989, and Kürten believes the country is "a perfect host for a multi-sport event of this size".

The FISU Games in Rhine-Ruhr are due to begin on July 16 2025 with an Opening Ceremony at the Merkur Spiel-Arena ©Getty Images
The FISU Games in Rhine-Ruhr are due to begin on July 16 2025 with an Opening Ceremony at the Merkur Spiel-Arena ©Getty Images

He added that the Organising Committee hopes to use the FISU Games to engage young people throughout the region.

"Our idea is to approach the young people, and to approach the young people through the sports event, not only for sports but also to get them motivated to look for their own talents in the various field of culture, in the economy or industry, and in education and sports," Kürten said.

"Therefore we look for really a wider approach of stimulating young people to take care of their own future, which we believe is the big challenge for the years to come and for the future.

"Reach the young people, get them motivated, be innovative and show that this is carried and supported by a broad society."

Approximately 10,000 student-athletes and officials are set to participate at Rhine-Ruhr 2025, with 170 countries expected to be there.

The event is scheduled for July 16 to 27 in 2025.