Ukraine head coach Oleksandr Petrakov has called for players to join the training camp ©Getty Images

Ukraine head coach Oleksandr Petrakov has said he is shocked by Dynamo Kyiv’s decision to not release players to participate in a training camp prior to the nation’s FIFA World Cup playoff.

Petrakov named a 25-man squad for a month-long training camp in Slovenia, which would allow the nation to prepare for its playoff against Scotland.

The squad contains 12 players from Dynamo Kyiv.

The Ukrainian Premier League side have confirmed they will not release players to join the training camp, with a series of charity friendly matches planned to raise money for those impacted by Russia’s invasion.

Dynamo Kyiv President Igor Surkis said the club had a different vision having held discussions with the team’s head coach Mircea Lucescu.

He claimed the matches would help create "favourable conditions" for the national team players in the build-up to the playoff.

"We discussed this issue with Mircea Lucescu," Surkis said.

"From the height of his experience, he believes that the playing potential of our performers in the interests of the national team will be used more rationally if they have match practice in a series of friendly charity matches with the top clubs in Europe, in which Dynamo is currently participating.

"I have no reason not to trust my coach in such specific matters as the conditions for the players to achieve optimal conditions in anticipation of important fights."

Dynamo Kyiv are due to play Romanian side CFR 1907 Cluj tomorrow, before matches against Borussia Dortmund in Germany on April 26 and Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia on April 28.

Further matches are expected to be held in May, with the national team players expected to be released on May 23.

Ukraine’s head coach Petrakov has said the national team training camp will begin on May 3, with the first players arriving two days prior.

Players from Shakhtar Donetsk will arrive on May 2, after participating in a friendly match.

Petrakov has criticised Dynamo Kyiv for the decision and has called on players from the club to attend the training camp.

Dynamo Kyiv are holding a series of charity matches to raise funds for those impacted by the ongoing war ©Getty Images
Dynamo Kyiv are holding a series of charity matches to raise funds for those impacted by the ongoing war ©Getty Images

"Frankly, I'm shocked, I did not expect such an answer," Petrakov said.

"First of all, I would like to remind if someone may have forgotten: in the current wartime, Ukrainian clubs, unfortunately, are deprived of the opportunity to participate in official games, and only the Ukrainian national team is preparing for important international matches.

"Which official matches is Dynamo preparing for and which FIFA regulations justify its refusal to provide players on the dates specified in the challenge?

"There is a war in the country, all domestic competitions have been suspended: FIFA regulations apply to official matches, which our clubs do not have now due to the war.

"What are the interests of the Kyiv club now?

"I would like to add that the UAF announced its intention to organize a training camp on April 29 for all our clubs, from which we invite candidates to the national team on April 11.

"I don't remember Dynamo announcing the schedule of charity matches at that time, which they quoted in a letter to us.

"Everything should be clear: there is a call to the national team - please appear.

"If not - no matter how unfortunate, Dynamo will have to return to Ukraine, and I will have to replace Dynamo with players from other clubs."

Ukraine are due to play Scotland at Hampden Park in Glasgow on June 1.

The winner is then due to face Wales in Cardiff on June 5 for a place at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Players competing in foreign leagues, such as Manchester City's Oleksandr Zinchenko and Roman Yaremchuk of Benfica, are expected to join the Ukraine team once their respective club seasons finish.