The Colombian Olympic Committee is to draw up a new strategic plan ©COC

The Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) has begun work on drawing up a new strategic plan for the organisation, alongside the country's national federations.

It comes as part of the evaluation process for the current strategic plan which covered the period from 2017 to last year.

An online meeting was attended by more than 70 people, with 32 sporting governing bodies represented.

COC President Baltazar Medina invited the federations to "work in an articulated manner to propose a strategic plan that continues to strengthen the successful processes of Colombian sport".

An online meeting was held to discuss the new plan ©COC
An online meeting was held to discuss the new plan ©COC

The meeting was then led by external advisor for the strategic plan, Dr. Álvaro Ramírez, with several strategies developed at first through small groups and then through the participation of the whole gathering.

Suggestions about the new plan will continue to be collected until February 11. 

Work to create an initial document will then be carried out.