Adaptive surfing is set to enjoy better development thanks to a new certification programme ©ISA

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has celebrated the launch of its Adaptive Surfing Instructor Certification Programme, which was held online over five days.

The programme included 32 participants from 14 countries and outlined standards, guidelines and best practices for the instruction of adaptive surfers.

It was developed in partnership with AmpSurf, Surfability UK and the Foundation for Global Sports Development, with participants including regional and global leaders in surfing as well as surf therapy organisations.

Former ISA World Para-surfing champions, such as Canada's Victoria Feige and Israel's Adi Klang, also attended.

ISA presenters Ben Clifford, Dana Cummings and Andy Joyce received positive feedback from the participants for hosting the programme.

The International Paralympic Committee recognises the ISA as the international federation for Para-surfing, which is also known as adaptive surfing.

Since 2015, the ISA has held the World Para Surfing Championships and it has since worked with its 108 national federations to provide more access to adaptive surfing.

The certification programme aims to ensure adaptive surfing has adequately trained instructors in the future to aid the development of the sport.