Members of the English Ice Hockey Association are to vote on governance reforms ©Facebook

Members of the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) are to vote on governance reforms including the creation of a new national organisation at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 12. 

The AGM is set to be held virtually due to ongoing restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It will be used to discuss governance reforms, in particular the creation of new single governing body covering the United Kingdom. 

The EIHA Board has expressed a belief that coming under a single new organisation is the best option for the current membership and for the future of ice hockey in England and the UK. 

Proposals will also include issues raised during an Extraordinary General Meeting in 2019. 

These includes appropriate protection of EIHA funds and giving greater clarity on current and planned funding, a more appropriate transitional Board arrangement, and a more detailed approach towards the future operation and development of ice hockey. 

There is also expected to be more detail around the vision, mission and values of the new governing body, should it be established.

The current system includes Ice Hockey UK (IHUK), the EIHA and the Scottish Ice Hockey Association (SIHA).

IHUK is the national governing body for the sport of ice hockey in the UK and affiliated to the International Ice Hockey Federation, while the EIHA, formed in 1982, is responsible for the administration of all ice hockey in England and Wales.

A plan to unify the organisations goes back as far as 2016, and IHUK chairman Richard Grieveson is among those in favour.

"The last seven months have shown us that now more than ever we need to ensure a strong future for our sport," the EIHA said. 

"We need to build back from this pandemic stronger and better than before; we need to ensure our sport has a future."