By Paul Osborne and Nick Butler in Nanjing
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21:59 We will leave you with this great action shot of Dutch 100m butterfly swimmer Mathys Goosen in semi-finals action.

Join us tomorrow at 09:00 for another day of sporting action, with, hopefully, many more pictures as good as this to come! More medals in swimming, judo, taekwondo, fencing, shooting and weightlifting will be won, with gymnastics replacing triathlon as the other to offer podium opportunities. It is also the first day of equestrian action.  

Mathys Goosen of The Netherlands ©AFP/Getty Images

21:57 A lot has happened away from the sport here today, with developments for Istanbul 2024, Pyeongchang 2018 as well as the awarding of the 2016 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships. Read about all of this on our website. 

21:55 A total of 20 countries have now won gold medals after two days, with 34 won in total - across 33 events because of that thrilling swimming tie earlier in the boy's 100m backstroke. 

China are edging Russia at the top but after a wonderful evening Hungary are matching then, with the US lagging behind. That double gold for Taiwan in taekwondo  moves them into sixth, while Thailand is another nation we are not accustomed to seeing this high on a medals table. 

Germany, France and Italy are among nation's yet to win gold. The full table can be seen here. 

Medals Table

21:45 Badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis, hockey5s, rowing, sailing and cycling have all been going on today. It has also been the first day of action in 3x3 basketball. "Rather like playing in the playground," is our analysis. It certainly conforms with youthful values then. 

We are about to wrap up the insidethegames blog for the night. There is only one sport going on, and it is about to finish... 

After Peru beat Iceland 2-1 earlier in men's football, there has been a rather one-sided clash between South Korea and Vanuatu. The Asian side are 9-0 up at the moment.

21:38 No, you aren't seeing quadruple. There really are four Nanjinglele mascots there, performing a dance at the swimming. 

Nanjinglele's enjoying the action ©AFP/Getty Images
21:25 So, all the medals are decided on day two, but there has been plenty else going on this evening. Here's a round-up of the rugby sevens from the IRB.

Quote marks"Australia, China and Canada guaranteed their place in the girl's semi-finals in rugby sevens with one session of pool play to spare.

The semi-final rankings will be determined on the final session, when the fourth semi-finalist will also be confirmed. With competition intense, all three of the remaining teams - Spain, USA and Tunisia - have a mathematical chance of securing the coveted place.

Australia recorded wins over USA, 38-0, and Spain, 34-0, to remain undefeated and top the women's standings. Home favourites China rallied from a tight defeat to Australia on Sunday to record victories against Tunisia, 34-0, and the US, 29-7, to finish the day second in the table.

Canada, having lost to China in their opening match on day one, have now gone three matches undefeated and consolidated second after defeating Spain 31-0 and Tunisia 43-12.

Spain are in pole position to claim the final place and must hope that USA do not defeat Tunisia with a big score."

Double gold in taekwondo for Taiwan to wrap-up day two medals action

Nanjing 2014 gold medal21:08 Yu-Jen Huang then wins a second gold for Taiwan in the boy's under 55kg event. He beats Joo Donghun of South Korea in the final. 

Mohamed Ketbi of Belgium and Jesus Ortosa Cabrera of Spain take the two bronze medals. 

Nanjing 2014 gold medal20:55 Huai-Hsuan Huang has won gold for Taiwan in the girl's under 49kg taekwondo. She defeats Indra Craen of Belgium in the final. Zhan Tian Rui of China and Mitzi Yemaima Carrillo Osorio of Mexico were the two beaten semi-finallists who there collect the bronze medals. 

Treat Japan athletes with respect

20:46 Following the story we brought you a week ago about how Japanese athletes were told not to wear team tracksuits to avoid attack at Nanjing 2014, as well as the boos which greeted the Japanese Flagbearer at the Opening Ceremony, an interesting article was published in the Guangming Daily Organiser today. 

Quote marks"The JOC's concern is understandable given the souring of relations between Beijing and Tokyo, which poses a challenge for the organisers of the event," it is argued.

"China-Japan relations are at their lowest point in recent years because of the territorial conflict over the Diaoyu Islands. Apart from that, the fact that the imperial Japanese army unleashed a reign of terror in Nanjing in 1937 in which more than 300,000 Chinese were killed has added to the tensions at the Youth Olympic Games."

"Therefore, China should not take JOC's concern as an insult to its hospitality and friendliness. Extreme nationalist sentiments are rising in China, as evidenced in the comments posted on the Internet such as those exhorting people to boycott Japanese products."

"Even many Chinese feel they could face trouble if they opposed the anti-Japanese views or tried to support the Japanese athletes to show their sportsman spirit. Someone posted the question on the Internet: 'Will I be beaten up if I wear a T-shirt with a Japanese comic figure on it?'

The hatred that Chinese people have demonstrated against Japan shows that Japanese athletes could face some problems at the Youth Olympic Games. The challenge is to make the Japanese athletes feel safe in Nanjing.

The Nanjing Massacre of 1937 is a pivotal marker in modern Sino-Japanese relations ©Getty Images

"The local Government has indeed launched a security campaign to turn the city into one of the safest places on earth. If any incident against Japanese athletes takes place, it could snowball into a disproportionately big political issue. This would deal an unnecessary blow to both countries, tarnish China's friendly image and affect the Japanese team's performance at the Games.

Chinese people should realize that the Japanese Government, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, is to blame for the troubles, not the Japanese people or the athletes taking part in the games in Nanjing. Therefore, they should treat the Japanese athletes like any other guests - with respect and honour."

20:39 That victory has squeezed North Korea into the top 10 on our insidethegames medals table. They are two places behind South Korea, with Great Britain sandwiched in between.

North Korean gold in weightlifting

20:33 It has been drilled into me that "the snatch is for show and the clean and jerk is for dough" in weightlifting. But interestingly, Meeboon actually lifted one kilogram more than Pak in the clean and jerk but eight kilograms less in the snatch. 

So don't believe everything you hear in catchy sayings...

Pak snatched 120kg, which is seven kilograms more that 11th placed Marcellus Taman of Micronesia managed overall. But Taman is only 14 so a great effort nonetheless. 

Nanjing 2014 gold medal20:23 Pak Jongju has won the first North Korean gold of the Games, in the under 62kg weightlifting. He lifted a total of 263kg, to push Sakda Meeboon of Thailand into second. Mirka Zanni of Italy was third.

Paul Osborne"What an absolute scorcher that 4x100m relay was! Yufei Zhang's turn at the 50m mark was the cruical turning point in the race as she gave her team mate breathing space coming into the final 100m. It must have helped to have the cheers of the home fans roaring Duo Shen home as she recorded a brilliant 54.82 split to make the gold look comfortable. It is refreshing to hear a loud roar coming from the stands here at poolside after the disappointment of the empty seats at last night's fencing. It can make all the difference for athletes to hear the support from the sidelines as we see by the increase of host medals at almost all major sporting events. Keep that up China and I'm sure the medal tally will look quite pleasing come the end of these two weeks..."
- Reporter Paul Osborne enjoying the swimming action. 

British success...except on the uneven bars

Ellie Downie leads after qualifying in gymnastics ©Twitter

British flag20:12 A good medal for Britain there in the pool, however, after their triathlon gold this morning. And Elissa "Ellie" Downie is also in the lead after gymnastics qualifying, with a total of 53.500 points. On the uneven bars, she uncharacteristically missed a handstand position and struggled until she dropped off the apparatus, but she hit back to post the highest score in the three other disciplines. 

"I added a new skill that I don't think it was quite ready yet to compete, but we just thought we'd try it and see what happens," The 15-year-old said afterwards about her uneven bars slip up. "It had been going a bit wrong in yesterday and a bit wrong in warm-up today, so my coach, Claire [Starkey] just said, 'Go for it.' I tried to get over, but it didn't work. And then I repeated it and got over."

Downie should look to her elder sister, Becky, for inspiration as Downie senior won the uneven bars event at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last month. She also was part of the England team who won gold. 

And Britain are proving here so far that they really are a rising power in the sport in a global as well as a Commonwealth sense. 

Chinese win relay for second night running...or, in this case, second night swimming

Nanjing 2014 gold medal20:02 China have edged Great Britain to gold in an absolutely superb 4x100m women's medley.

The two teams were neck and neck for the majority of the race with the British quartet just edging it at the halfway mark. A brilliant introduction by Yefeu Zhang saw her enter the water ahead of Britain's Charlotte Atkinson, however, the Brit looked the stronger of the swimmers as she pushed ahead going into the second turn.

Here, the Chinese athletes pushed off the wall quickest giving her team the lead as they came into the final 100m. Duo Shen finished the job for the hosts in the freestyle, surging away from Amelia Maughan to clock an overall time of 4:03.58. Britain hung on to claim silver, just ahead of a fast-finishing Australian team.

Nick Butler"I feel slightly guilty - returning to the Media Centre to find gold medals flying left, right and centre - that I have landed my colleague in it by leaving the blogging to him at such a crucial time. Oh well, he can cope. I have been getting an update on the progress of Oslo 2022's Winter Olympic bid. A full report will follow but, despite the backlog of criticism, chief executive Eli Grimsby remains confident that the all-important Government Guarantee will be provided this autumn. Norway is also the location, lest we forget, for the next Youth Olympics, in Lillehammer in 2016, where it will be colder than in Nanjing but not by as much as we were expecting. It's still a very pleasant temperature today here in a city that was absolutely sweltering this time last year. It's been raining a lot, but even the rain is rather pleasant and refreshing, what we in England would call 'drizzle'"
- Reporter Nick Butler on weather, Winter Olympic bids, and stitching up his colleague. 

19:44 Another gold medal, another selfie. Italy's Nicolangelo di Fabio, the 200m freestyle gold medalist, is the latest to embrace the mascot fever.

Nicolangelo di Fabio takes a post gold medal selfie ©Twitter

Medal action in the swimming, judo, weightlifting and fencing

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:35 It's not so close in the men's 200m individual medley as Hungary's Benjamin Gratz seals a comfortable(ish) win.

The youngster finished more than a second quicker than Lithuania's Povilas Strazdas in a time of 2:01.08.

Bronze goes to another Hungarian as Norbert Szabo rounds off the podium.

The Hungarian's are having a great time in the pool this evening.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:28 America's Clara Smiddy wins gold in the women's 100m backstroke in what must be the closest race of the Youth Olympic Games so far.

Smiddy finished the distance in 1:01.22 just 0.01 seconds ahead of Great Britain's Jessica Fullalove.

Nee Zealand's Bobbi Gichard wasn't far behind either as she swam home in 1:01.25 to take bronze.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:20 Anton Cupkov clocks 1:01.29 to win gold in the men's 100m breaststroke.

The Russian was too quick for Germany's Maximillian Pilger and Venezuela's Carlos Claverie, beating the pair into second and third by a fraction of a margin.

19:15 That's it for the fencing and judo for this evening. Now only medal action in the swimming, weightlifting and of,course the taekwondo...

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:10 Medals are flying in faster than I can type here at the Youth Olympic Games with Szabina Gercsak the latest to seal the deal.

The Hungarian took gold in the women's under 63kg judo competition over at the International Expo Centre, beating Romania's Stefania Adelina Dobre in the final.

The two bronze medals were won by Michaela Polleres of Austria and Jennifer Schwille of Germany.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal19:05 Gold for Hungary's Patrik Esztergalyos in the men's individual epée!

The Hungarian beat Swedens's Linus Islas Flygare 15-8 in the last fencing final of the evening.

Bronze was won earlier by Russia's Ivan Limarev.

19:00 To say Liliana Szilagyi was happy about winning gold would be quite the understatement. The girl was over the moon at her superb swim.

The Hungarian continued the big smiles on the podium as she collected her gold from 200m butterfly 

Liliana Szilagyi collects her gold medal ©Twitter

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:43 South Korea's Sinhee Lee has won gold in the women's individual epée at the International Expo Centre!

The 17-year-old edged a tight encounter with Italy's Eleonora de Marchi 15-13 to take the win.

Bronze went to Sweden's Asa Linde after victory in the earlier bronze medal final.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:37 Gold for Russia in the judo.

It's Mikhail Igolnikov who takes it with victory in the men's under 81kg division. He beat Georgia's Tamaz Kirakozashvili in a contest decided by shido penalties.

Bronze medals go to Dutch judoka Frank de Wit and Cuba's Ivan Felipe Silva Morales.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:25 There's been a gold medal over in the judo where Brazil's Layana Colman has beaten Bulgaria's Betina Temelkova with ippon after just over a minute of action in the women's under 52kg contest.

The two bronze medals in this contest fell at the feet of South Korea's Hyekyeong Lee and Slovakia's Marusa Stangar.

18:24 As the medal ceremony rings out here at the pool, (I hope that podium is big enough for both Rylov and Sabbioni) it's about time we looked across at some other sport going on here in Nanjing.

Gold medal action has begun at the International Expo Centre where Italy's Eleonora de Marchi goes head to head with South Korea's Sinhee Lee.

The men's 63kg weightlifting final is also underway where Italy's Mirko Zanni and North Korea's Jongju Park look likely favourites for the gold.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:20 More gold in the pool. This time for Lithuania's Ruta Meilutyte in the women's 50m breaststroke.

The Lithuanian clocked a time of 30.14 to beat Germany's Julia Willers and Hungary's Anna Sztankovics who finished in second and third respectively.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:14 But it's the Italian Nicolangelo di Fabio who takes the gold.

A great last 50 metres sees the Italian storm past the Dutch swimmer and win in a time of 1:48.45.

Silver goes to Stolk while Germany's Damian Wierling takes the bronze.

18:10 There's a huge Dutch contingent in the crowds here this evening and I think I know why. Kyle Stolk currently leads the men's 200m freestyle as we come into the final 100 metres

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:07 It certainly does, but not the gold. That was won by Hungary's Liliana Szilagyi.

And i'll tell you what, she loved that win! As the other swimmers leave the poolside she screams out her jubilation while throwing her first into the air. What a great swim by the Hungarian!

Her time of 2:06.59 was enough to hold off the fight of China's Yufei Zhang in second.

Bronze goes to Australia's Briana Throssell.

18:05 Next to grace the pool is the women's 200m butterfly, This could spell more medals for China...

Nanjing 2014 gold medal18:02 It's joint gold! Incredible stuff!

Russia's Evgeny Rylov and Italy's Simone Sabbioni both come home in 54.24 to take tie for the gold medal!

China's Guangyuan Li seals the bronze.

18:00 After a quick nip next door I've made it to to the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Natatorium where the swimming finals are just getting underway.

First in the pool we have the men's 100m backstroke final 

17:45 Before the fencing finals, there are of course the bronze medal matches, with Sweden's Asa Linde securing the medal in women's individual epée after beating United States' Catherine Nixon 15-8.

Another American is up next as Justin Yoo takes on Russia's Ivan Limarev in the men's equivalent. 

Another Russian who, coincidentally, is also called Ivan (Ivan Ilin that is) won men's gold last night in the sabre event.

17:40 A complete medal-overhaul is nearly upon us here as the first of the 16 gold medals on offer this evening draws ever closer.

The men's 62kg weightlifting competition will begin in around 20 minutes and is joined by eight medal events in the pool, two in the fencing and two in judo.

Taekwondo finals start at the slightly later time of 19:00.

17:36 Sticking with the basketball and Germany have pulled off a superb victory over China in that opening clash. The match was extremely close throughout but Germany pinched it 18-15 with three points in the closing few seconds.

17:20 The highly anticipated 3x3 basketball competition has finally gotten underway here in Nanjing with men's action ongoing over at the Wutaishan Basketball venue.

Slovenia kicked off the competition with with a 21-19 win over Hungary before Russia thrashed Andorra 21-13. 

Currently on court are China and Germany with the hosts holding a slender 13-12 lead.

17:00 This video is not for the fainthearted, but here is Betsen almost decapitating Ireland's Ronan O'Gara during the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia.

16:54 The Cameroon-born flanker is considered one of the finest players of the professional era, and won 63 national caps between 1997 and 2007. 

He was a generation too soon for the Olympic era, but I feel he could have done a decent job as a sevens "enforcer" making the big tackles while the showier players score the tries around him.

16:46 Here is another "IOC member posing with athletes from his country photo", featuring three-time Olympic slalom canoe champion turned IOC Athletes' Commission member Tony Estanguet and members of the French volleyball team.

Also present is French rugby legend Serge Betsen.

Tony Estanguet and Serge Betsen with the French volleyball team ©Karim LevyTwitter logoCongrats to R. Pakkaratha for the gold medal of #YOGweightlifting Women's 53kg #nanjing2014 @youtholympics
- Nanjing 2014 add their congratulations following the latest gold medal.  

16:35 At the Commonwealth Games we praised weightlifting for producing medal winners from so many different countries and it is happening again here. Asia, Africa and South America battling for the medals there. That said, all three events have been won by East Asian lifters so far. 

I imagine that may change once we get on to the heavier weight categories.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal16:24 Rattanaphon Pakkaratha wins the second gold medal of the Games for Thailand with victory in the under 53kg weightlifting competition. 

She clean and jerks a mammoth 109kg for a total of 190kg across her two lifts. Silver goes to Chon Hui Jong of North Korea with Nouha Landoulsi of Tunisia takes bronze. Zabala of Venezuela has to be content with fourth. 

16:17 A lot of praise for the Nanjing 2014 volunteers, and it is fully deserved. There are a vast number of them, and you invariably find yourself addressing half a dozen when one would suffice, but they are always enthusiastic and eager to help.

Last night, we experienced a crushing blow when, in desperate need of food, we found that McDonalds had long since closed. Luckily we found two off-duty volunteers who directed us to an alternative eating establishment and then helped us get home afterwards. Lifesavers. 

Volunteers cleaning the sand at the beach volleyball ©Nanjing 2014

16:10 Getting to the business end of the weightlifting now and Yorlis Zabala of Venezuela can only clean and jerk 95kg. That will not be enough to win. 

Jong Chun Hui of North Korea and Rattanaphon Pakkaratha of Thailand are aiming to lift more than 100kg. 

15:59 It's nearly 16:00 and that can only mean that hockey 5s is about to begin. First up it is The Netherlands against Fiji in Pool A of the women's competition. A tough ask for the Pacific Island, I feel...

15:53 Sergey Bubka is clearly delighted with the Ukrainian success so far. Despite all the problems at home over recent months, they enjoyed huge success in Sochi and are doing so again here. 

Twitter logoMet Team Ukraine today. 2 gold medals and 1 silver from 2 days. What a beginning! thanks also to volunteers!
- IOC Executive Board member Sergey Bubka meets his team. 

Sergey Bubka with the Ukrainian team ©Twitter

15:44 Since we are in the vein of making comparisons between the Commonwealth Games and the Youth Olympics, there is a difference in the distribution of medals between the two events. 

While in Glasgow, there was a steady flow throughout the day, here was have an early evening rush. There's 19 gold medals available today and 16 of them are going to come between 18:00 and 21:00.

We're enjoying a relatively sedate afternoon session at the moment until that starts, with the weightlifting the only medals action currently ongoing. 

15:36 It's women's qualification action in gymnastics today, and after two rotations, Wang Yan of China is our leader with 28.000 points.

15:27 From the utter seriousness of the shooting medal ceremony to, well, Nanjinglele. The pebble-themed mascot has not taken off quite like Clyde did at the Commonwealth Games quite yet, but he is still proving popular.

Maybe a trail around Nanjing should be introduced?

Twitter logoWe know you love Nanjinglele! Here is the happy mascot while the gymnasts are warming up #Nanjing2014 #YOGGymnastics
- The International Gymnastics Federation are getting into the mascot spirit.

Nanjinglele before the gymnastics ©Twitter

Twitter logoCongrats to Hifumi Abe! The first gold medal for Japan at #Nanjing2014, at the Men -66 kg Judo event
- Tokyo 2020 tweet their congratulations to the first Japanese gold medal winner.

15:15 The snatch competition in the weightlifting is coming to a head and Yorlis Zabala of Venezuela, Jong Chun Hui of North Korea and Rattanaphon Pakkaratha of Thailand are the only three to lift over 80kg. 

15:04 There was a symbolic moment earlier on today when Pavlo Korostylov was presented with his 10m pistol shooting gold medal. The Ukrainian received it from Russian IOC member Vitaly Smirnov in yet another example of sports ability to transcend politics. 

Smirnov is the most senior IOC member, having been one since 1971. A former Soviet Union and Russian Olympic Committee head, he was also Executive President of the Organising Committee for Moscow 1980. 

Pavlo Korostylov is awarded his 10m pistol gold medal ©Getty Images

14:46 The next medal event has begun over at the International Expo Centre. It is the women's under 53kg contest. We have had two events and two Chinese victories so far, but the host nation have no participant in this one. 

Rattanaphon Pakkaratha of Thailand is the gold medal favourite.

14:36 A great win for France in the men's event, 17-12 over Fiji. But, interestingly, Argentina are looking the team to beat. They triumphed 32-5 over Kenya. Japan defeated the US 22-10 in the other match.

Twitter logoWinners are grinners! Stanford scores a double as Aussies keep USA scoreless
Australia girls rugby sevens team have continued their good form ©Twitter- More rugby sevens success is celebrated by the Australian Olympic Committee

14:21 Back to the sport now, and time for a much-needed round-up on this morning's rugby sevens action. There were three fairly one-sided women's matches, with wins for Australia, Canada and China over the US, Spain and Tunisia respectively - all by 30 points or more. 

It's great to see new nations competing, and particularly to see China doing so well, but I do feel the lack of some other established rugby powers is detracting from the competition a little bit. 

14:12 Another thing that Erdener spoke about was the strong likelihood of an Istanbul bid for the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics. We have already published an article on what he said. Read it here. 

What do you think of the prospects of an Istanbul 2024 bid? Is an American victory a foregone conclusion? Tweet @insidethegames or comment below. 

14:02 On this same theme, a media round-table took place a little earlier with Uğur Erdener, who is not only the Turkish Olympic Committee President and an IOC Executive Board member, but the head of World Archery. A busy man!

In his latter guise, he spoke optimistically about the changes archery are introducing in order to adapt and involve the sport. This has included a "more attractive and dynamic" set and match system, new television deals, and the four-stage World Cup series first held in 2006. Last year's World Cup Final took place close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and this year it will be held in the Olympic capital, Lausanne. 

But Nanjing 2014 is also a key event for archery due to the introduction of an innovative mixed team competition. This is a new discipline that will be "most probably" on a future Olympic programme, and maybe at Tokyo 2020.

Ugur Erdener speaking this morning ©ITG

13:48 We have had a change in the insidethegames proverbial commentary box, as Paul nips off to attend a wushu press conference. These exhibition sports, as well as the new disciplines in many existing sports, are one of the main talking points here at these Games. 

The Youth Olympics are a chance to test out new ideas, but the timing of Nanjing 2014, less than four months before the conclusion of the IOC's Agenda 2020 reform process in Monte Carlo - on December 8 and 9 - adding to this significance. 

13:35 Despite some delays in the sailing, a couple of results are beginning to drip through.

Dutch sailor Lars van Someren secured victory in the first of the men's techno 293 windsurfing contest while Francisco Cruz Saubidet Birkner won the second.

13:20 The first sub-division of the women's artistic gymnastics competition has come to a close with Great Britain's Ellie Downing going strongest as it stands. 

Downie headed the table in the vault, floor and balance beam before finishing in third in the uneven bars.

The second sub-division is due to get underway at 14:30 with the third due at 19:00 this evening.

Triathlon gold medallist Ben Dijkstra of Great Britain with silver medallist Daniel Hoy of New Zealand ©Twitter

Quote marks"I gave it it everything and I'm so glad this is the result, it's amazing. I just had to keep on going, none of us were going to give up when there is an Olympic gold medal at stake. So I just had to keep on going and going, and know that the hard work I put in would just pay off. It's absolutely brilliant. Thanks to my family, my friends who have got me here. The result is just amazing."
- Great Britain's Ben Dijkstra reflects on a brilliant gold in the men's triathlon earlier today.

The passing of the Torch

Ng Ser Miang and Miao Rui Liu at the torch exchange ceremony at the Nanjing Olympic Museum ©SNOC

12:40 Singapore and Nanjing exchanged Torches at the newly opened Nanjing Olympic Museum yesterday in a representation of the friendship between the former hosts of the Youth Olympic Games and the current hosts.

The torches were carried by IOC member and President of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Ser Miang Ng, and Miao Rui Lin, Mayor of Nanjing.

"I am very pleased to return to Nanjing for the 2014 Nanjing Olympic Games," said Ng. "My heartiest congratulations to the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee for an impressive and spectacular opening ceremony last night."

The Nanjing Olympic Museum was opened yesterday with a special ceremony taking place to mark the opening. Read Nick's article on the Museum here.

12:20 If you haven't already seen Nick's story, then you may have missed the news that the Japanese Olympic Committee and French Olympic Committee have signed an agreement here in Nanjing which will see exchange programmes and opportunities for collaboration between officials, staff, athletes and coaches from the two bodies.

For full details, click here.

12:04 The rowing competition is over and done with for the day with the men's and women's pairs and single sculls events all taking to the waters at the Xuanwu Lake.

The pair's heats saw Romania and Czech Republic progress to the men's final with the other competitors set to compete in the repechage.

In the singles sculls, Great Britain's Anna Thornton, France's Camille Juillet Bulgaria's Desislava Gerogieva and Anna Zabova of Czech Republic won their women's repechage races, while Australia's Thomas Schramko, Britain's Chris Lawrie, Poland's Mateusz Swietek and Uncas Tales Batista of Brazil did the same in the men's.

Finals for the rowing are set to take place on Wednesday.

On yer bike, son!

Venezuela celebrate a goal in yesterday's football ©Twitter

11:50 Football is renowned for its wacky celebrations. From the old school shirt over the head, to the highly impress and incredibly risky triple flip, we've had it all. Venezuela's women have brought the tradition over here to Nanjing as they pull off one of the celebrations of the Games so far...

Nanjing 2014 gold medal11:40 Ukraine's Pavlo Korostylov has taken gold in the men's 10m air pistol final 

The 16-year-old finished on 203.4 points to lead top qualifier Cheongyong Kim by 3.6.

France's Edouard Dortomb comes in third on 178.6.

Pavlo Korostylov of Ukraine wins gold at men's 10m air pistol ©Twitter

11:30 Other rugby sevens results from this morning have seen China, Canada and Australia dominant women's matches against Tunisia, Spain and United States, respectively. Neither of the three teams conceded a point in their encounters while taking more than 30 apiece.

On the men's side Argentina came away 32-5 victors against Kenya while Japan currently lead United States 14-0.

11:20 There's been an upset in the rugby sevens competition over at Youth Olympic Sports Park after France defeated Fiji 17-12 to enhance their chances of qualifying to the semi-finals.

Fiji finished third the HSBC World Sevens World Series earlier in the year with France finishing down in 10th.

The Fiji team were unable to compete at Glasgow 2014 due to the nation's late reintroduction into the Commonwealth. It looked to be back to their best here in Nanjing with two wins on the opening day of action, however, that result will surely rustle some feathers in the Fijian camp... 

Twitter logoBig scalp for @FFR_officiel as they defeat Fiji 17-12 in @youtholympics #RugbySevens pool play
- IRB head of communication Dominic Rumbles reflects on a big result for France in the rugby sevens.

11:15 Nanjinglele seemed to know as much as anyone the inevitability of Cheng Meng's gold medal last night. As the young powerhouse threw down his final lift to the cheers of the crowd, a group of the little mascots made their way onto the stage.

Najinglele made a welcomed apperance at the weightlifting last night ©ITG

11:00 IOC President Thomas Bach has proved his popularity here in Nanjing after starting the #YOGselfie craze at the Opening Ceremony.

The man at the head of the Olympic Movement has paid a visit to the Fangshan Shooting hall this morning as the men's 10m air pistol finals get underway.

Thomas Bach pays a visit to the Fanghan Shooting Hall ©Twitter

10:50 Speaking of the gymnastics, Great Britain's Ellie Downie will be looking to add Youth Olympic gold to the European vault title she picked up in Sofia earlier this year. 

Downie is, of course, the younger sister of Becky Downie who won gold in the uneven bars at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games last month. 

The 15-year-old (Ellie that is) begins her campaign at 11:00.

10:40 There is a lot of non-medal action ongoing across a range of sports her in Nanjing at the moment.

Athletes have officially set sail in the sailing competition over at Jinniu Lake with action from the byte cll men's and women's one person dinghy and techno 295 windsurfer events currently taking place.

The men's 3km road time trial is also underway at Laoshan as one of the five events of the team event. The women's race ended earlier with Japan's Kiyoka Sakaguchi leading the way with a time of 5:56.64. 

Matches are also taking place in the table tennis, badminton, beach volleyball, rugby sevens, rowing and fencing.

We also have qualifying action from the artistic gymnastics coming up at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium with the women taking to the apparatus today.

10:27 Our next medals are set to come from the Fangshan Shooting Hall where the men's 10m air pistol qualifications have just come to an end.

South Korea's Cheongyong Kim led the way in that shooting an impressive 587 to finish as the top qualifier.

That could mean nothing in the final as we saw in the women's equivalent yesterday, however.

The final will get underway in around 45 minutes at 11:15.

10:10 Huge cheers ring out at Xuanwu Lake as the Solomon Island's Flagbearer Teddy Boris crosses the line in last place. He is one of just three athletes from the Island to make the trip here to Nanjing.

10:05 That result marks the first medal of the Games for both New Zealand and Denmark with a first gold for Great Britain.

Nanjing 2014 gold medal09:59 And gold goes to Ben Dijkstra of Great Britain!

It took a photo finish to determine it but the Briton just edges New Zealand's Daniel Hoy in a sprint to the line. 

The pair both finish on 54:43 with Dijkstra ahead by a whisker.

Denmark's Emil Hansen comes home six seconds later to take bronze ahead of German's Peer Sonksen.

A photo finish sees Great Britain's Ben Dijkstra take gold in the men's triathlon ©Twitter

09:57 We're in the closing stages now and it's going to be close between Dijkstra and Hoy.  

09:54 Denmark's Emil Hansen has taken to the front in the triathlon as the runners zip around the first lap.

He is running with Great Britain's Ben Dijkstra, New Zealand's Daniel Hoy and Germany's Peer Sonksen.

09:48 We saw a great American story in the International Expo Centre yesterday when Sabrina Massialas took gold in the women's individual foil competition.

The 17-year-old was over the moon with win, not just because she won gold, but also because it means she "one-upped" her brother Alex who took silver in these Games four years ago.

Her brother went on to represent American at the London 2012 Olympic Games, following in the footsteps of his father Greg who, before coaching Alex and Sabrina, represented the nation at the 184 and 1988 Olympic Games.

Here's what Sabrina had to say about her victory yesterday and the family rivalry she holds with brother Alex.

"I am so happy. I finally one-upped Alex. I am super competitive with him. I don't think he's competitive with me, but I always feel like I have to do better. So, ha! I beat you.

"When it was 6-6, I thought it's best to wait it out and work really hard for one touch. I've been in many high-stress situations so I'm used to it, I'm prepared for it."

Sabrina Massialas celebrates with her father after taking gold here in Nanjing ©Team USA

09:45 Back to the triathlon and the lead group has hit the run. 

This group has been reduced to 14 now after Hong Kong's Michael Lam took a fall on the bike.

He's still hanging in there, however, sitting just behind the leading group. The chasing back is just under a minute behind.

09:38 Aside from the triathlon we have 18 other medal events here in Nanjing.

No new sports will be providing medal, yet, leaving golds to be won in the taekwondo, judo, fencing, shooting, weightlifting and swimming.

It will be a busy night in the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Natatorium with eight gold medals on offer in the pool.

Here' we will see finals in the men's 100m backstroke, 200m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 200m individual medley, as well as the women's 200m butterfly, 50m breaststroke, 50m backstroke, women 4x100m medley relay. 

All the comes gets underway at 18:00 so stay tuned for all the updates!

09:30 The rain, (yes rain here in China, madness) is beginning to affect the athletes with competitors from Mexico and Australia taking a tumble on the bikes. The two are okay and jump straight back up but it'll take quite an effort to catch the now 15-strong group leading this race.

09:25 After a bunched start in the triathlon a group of 17 have moved ahead of the rest, sitting 30 seconds clear of a three-strong chasing group.

Athletes from Chile, New Zealand, Great Britain, Belgium, United States, Mexico, Australia and Israel all sit among the leading pack.

A group of 17 athletes curently lead in the men's triathlon ©Twitter

09:15 The Games' first gold medal was won by Australia's Brittany Dutton in the women's triathlon with a brilliantly timed break on the bike.

It's Xuanwu Lake that we return to again this morning as well, with the men set to test the challenging course laid out ahead of them here in Nanjing.

09:10 The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games got underway with a bang yesterday with 14 gold medals finding their way around the necks of worthy Olympic champions.

China will have delighted the home fans as they surged ahead of the field, winning three gold medals and three bronze to sit comfortably atop the medal table. 

It wasn't just a "China show", however, with 12 countries in total securing gold on the first day of action.

With 19 gold medals coming up today, across seven sports, you can be sure for much the same today.

09:00 Hello and welcome back to day two of our live blog, bringing you all the news and updates from the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games direct from China.